MAGNUM 5 Wind Turbine (Made in Europe)


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TESUP MAGNUM 5 Household Wind Turbine (Made in Europe)

Why TESUP MAGNUM 5 Household Wind Turbine?

  • Generate your own renewable energy at your home
  • World’s best 5 KW wind turbine ever built, best winning on compare
  • Strong like a rock, corrosion resistant superior carbon fiber
  • All parts are environmentally friendly, biodegradable

TESUP MAGNUM 5 is a five kilowatts horizontal axis wind turbine. With its compact shape, it has the lowest starting wind speed and a larger wind catchment area, enabling it to generate electricity at lower wind speeds. Its superior carbon fiber body is perfect for heating and the cooling effect of stator. This household wind turbine has got quieter wind turbine blades with an improved re-engineered design. TESUP has vast experience in fabrication of high technology energy products; wind turbine blades are durable and stable, at the same time very light. What is also special with TESUP MAGNUM 5 design is; wind turbine generator body is equipped with cooling fins.

Non of the other household wind turbine manufacturers manufacturers can reach our power efficiencies

There are number of household wind turbine manufacturers but non of their technologies can reach our power efficiencies. Other manufacturers such as Marlec  and Honeywell are a lot smaller interns of generator installed power capacities, none of them can reach 5 KW from a small household wind turbine. What also makes TESUP wind turbines special is maintenance-free sliding contact (free from charcoal) which guarantees a perfect electricity current flow. Thereby no twisting off the cable in the pole.

TESUP MAGNUM 5 household wind turbine has a permanent magnet generator having the most powerful N42 neodymium magnets.

Once the wind speed reaches 6.7 miles per hour, the home wind turbine rotates freely and smoothly exceeding holding torque which is also called as cogging torque. Wind turbines generate unsynchronised alternative current, with a TESUP Charge Controller you can control the generated electric to any voltage level to charge your batteries or inverters to be connected to the electricity grid.

TESUP wind turbines are even used by scientists in North Pole at minus 55 Celsius degrees

Wind Energy and electricity can be needed in anywhere, TESUP wind turbines are even used by scientists in North Pole at minus 55 Celsius (-67° Fahrenheit) degrees since 2018. The generous dimensioning of generator components and the heat dissipation via the newly developed housing ensure a low thermal load which ensures a long service life even at high ambient temperatures too.

TESUP MAGNUM 5 has a game changer technology with above market standards, the double bearings. The wind turbine generator’s stator shaft runs in two encapsulated and permanently lubricated ball bearings made of stainless steel. At the front bearing, a special friction-free sealing disc prevents the penetration of moisture and dust.

Mounting of the wind turbine is carried out directly via plug connection and into a pole. An inner diameter of the required pole: 1.45 Inch (37 mm) nominal size.

Keeping end user retail prices low as it is now

This device is built with one of TESUP’s highly engineered and developed electricity generators in it. Once hurricane scale III (112–130 miles per hour) or above occurs, please cover its blades. These devices do not have blade pitching technology such as big scale wind turbines have it. An 8 MW offshore wind turbine can rotate its blades axially to stop the wind turbine which is called the blade pitching. We do not add this option into our product models to keep enduser retail prices low as it is now. Once it is covered with something temporarily, the blades can not catch the wind properly. This will stop the wind turbine’s fast rotation and keeps the device safe during the hurricane.

5 Years free TesupCare product warranty comes with this.

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