48V 100AH LiFePower4 Battery by EG4


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48V EG4-Lifepower4
LEADTIME Details: 4-6 WEEKS – AROPLEASE NOTE!! THIS IS A PREORDER- BATTERIES HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED TO BE EN ROUTE TO OUR TEXAS WAREHOUSE.Signature Solar’s premier lithium battery, GYLL, has been rebranded to EG4. You can expect the same great battery with the same top-of-the-line, Tier One, A+ Cell composition that put us on the map. Expectations for this version: Simplified Growatt RS485 Communication, Intuitive Lithium Setup for Growatt Inverters, High Resistance Capacitor that can allow ONE BATTERY TO START A 12kW INVERTER!
This EG4-Lifepower4 51.2V (48V) 5.12kWh Lithium Battery with 100AH internal BMS is taking the market by storm. Signature Solar’s battery is created with only 16 prismatic 3.2V cells in series versus the industry’s standard practice of 100’s AA-Style Lithium battery cells in series. Our A+++ Cells are UL Listed and designed for over 7000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. This means well over 15 years of use even if you deep discharge it EVERY DAY! This battery allows for communication between your battery bank and your Growatt inverter. Adds to the ease of initial set up and longevity of battery health. Features 99% Operating Efficiency vs 80% for AGM batteries. An equivalence of adding 20% additional solar panels to your current system! The EG4 BMS is a 15 YR design life, if anything happens we have replacement/spare BMS available.
Growatt BMS communication built in
Max Energy Density
Flexible Racking Options
99% Efficiency LiFePo4 16-Cell Pack
Environmentally Friendly & Lead Free
Stress-Free Battery Bank Expansion Capacity
Longer Lasting; 10-20 year Design Life
Reliable Built-In BMS, Voltage, Current, Temp. and Health Management

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Weight 105 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 20 × 8 in




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