8kW 48V 240VAC Split Phase 120A 250VDC Off-Grid Inverter by Growatt


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8kW 48V 240VAC Split Phase 120A 250VDC Off-Grid Inverter by Growatt
Growatt’s All-In-One is a low frequency, pure sine wave inverter, and charge controller. Heavy Machine Startup Capacity With 3X CONTINUOUS SURGE 24kW for 10ms. The power from these units is far more stable and consistent than the transformerless versions. The unit is easy to install and is one of the highest performing 8000W 120V / 240V Split Phase off-grid inverters on the market. You can expect over 86% efficiency from this 8kW Inverter + 120A 250Vdc Solar MPPT Charger. Dual MPPTs for mixed arrays! These SPF DVM models have built-in Auto Generator Start as well as a 120A AC Charger for generators.
For Wifi Monitoring, purchase here. *Please note, the application is available on both IOS and DROID but any computer monitoring or updating is windows based. 
Spare Boards are available for remote living, designed to be repaired in the field. Instead of replacing an entire inverter, replace the brains– spare boards for the power, control, and mppt available. Board design life is 14 years at 50% load 24/7.
2-year manufacturer warranty.



-Low frequency TRUE pure sine wave120/240Vac Split Phase output
-Built-in 120A MPPT solar charge controller
-WIFI remote monitoring is available
-Pure copper low-frequency transformer
-Smart function and parameter setting via LCD button or remote control, firmware can be updated via internet
-Designed to be repaired in the field, no need to buy spare inverters



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